Finance Council
Pat Dust
(217) 235-4279

Liturgical Roles
Deacon Gene
(217) 235-2189

Golden Hearts
Malcolm O’Neill
(217) 234-8101

Share The Word
Sue Auer
(217) 317-4924

Pastoral Council
Todd Farris
(217) 273-0502

Knights of Columbus
Matt England
(217) 433-6832

Social Committee
Tim Knepple
(217) 273-8991

St. Vincent de Paul Society
Brian McMichaels
(217) 258-NEED

Calvary Cemetery
Moni Sheehan (217) 235-5751
Linda Wente (217) 235-2488

Ladies Guild
Betty Brandvoid

Scriptural Prayer Group
Judy Rawlings
(217) 235-3846

Communion to the Sick/Homebound
Debbie Reinhart
(217) 234-3439

There Will Be No Public Celebrations of the Mass Until Further Notice! The Church will remain open during the day. Fr. John will be present in Church for the Sacrament of Reconciliation at these times: 30 minutes before and during the time of previously scheduled daily Masses; on Saturday(s) 2:30-5:00PM; on Sunday(s) 8:00-9:00AM and 10:30-11:30AM.